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Welcome to the Digital Photo Frames Direct website. We are the leading manufacturer & retailer of the best quality Digital Picture Frame & Digital Photo Frames in the UK selling direct to you the public. We are also the leading supplier of Branded Digital Photo Frames and Corporate Digital Picture Frames and Point of Sale Digital Photo Frames .

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Our Best Selling Digital Photo Frames

7" Digital Photo Frame

The original size of Digital Photo Frame is our range of 7” frames. This is by far the most popular size of Digital Photo Frame for many uses such as branding for a corporate gift where we are able to offer screen printed logos, custom branded packaging and many more options, to use around the home. The 7” series consists of two models, our 7” Lumina and 7” Slimline HD Digital Photo Frame. The 7” Lumina has a 16:9 screen ration with a high quality 480x234 screen resolution. Our 7” Slimline HD Digital Photo Frame also uses a 16:9 screen ration and boasts an impressive 800x600 screen resolution making this model the best-selling and best quality small Digital Photo Frame on the market as well as being the slimmest frame available in the UK at just 13mm thick!

10.1" Digital Photo Frame

The newest size now offered in Digital Frames Directs astonishing range is the 10.1” series. This range consists of two brand new models, the 10.1” Super Clear and 10.1” HD Memory View Digital Photo Frames. Both models use a 16:9 screen ratio with a 1024x600 resolution on the Super Clear and a highly impressive 1280x800 HD screen in the HD Memory View. The 10.1” range of frames are capable of playing image, video & audio files in a number of popular formats and from a range of removable storage devices such as a SDHC memory card and USB memory stick. The HD Memory View is perfect as a gift or as a promotional giveaway to help promote new products.

12" Digital Photo Frame

The 12” Digital Photo Frame was originally introduced to fill a much needed gap for a number of customers who did not want a small frame such as a 7” although did not have the space or requirement for a unit as large as 15”. Today the 12” Digital Photo Frames are amongst the best-sellers for both consumers and commercial customers. Our traditionally styled 12” Black Wood is perfect for use in and around your home or a relatives and offers an alternative to the many sleek, modern styles otherwise supplied. The popularity of the Slimline series led Digital Frames Direct to introduce our 12” Slimline Digital Photo Frame which uses a 4:3 screen ration with a 800x600 screen resolution. At just 16mm thick the slimline is also wall mountable via a 100x100mm VESA mounting system allowing you to mount your Digital Photo Frame almost anywhere.

15" Digital Photo Frame

The original large Digital Frame was the 15”, now one of the smaller large units on offer the 15” range is as popular as ever. A wide range of models in this size include the Black Wood, Memory View Plus and Slimline. The Black Wood again offers the traditional design perfect for the buyer who will use the frame in and around the home whereas the Memory View Plus offers a built in memory of 1GB allowing you to play your favourite photo, video and audio files without the need of a memory card or USB memory stick. The 15” Slimline is designed to be a simple and easy to use option. The clear, large touch sensitive buttons across the front of the unit make this Digital Photo Frame perfect for somebody who wants a plug and play unit with minimal interaction to change options and files.

20" Digital Photo Frame

The 20” Memory View Digital Photo Frame is the latest addition to our range and is already making a name for itself. The large 4:3 screen ratio matched perfectly with a 1366x1024 high quality screen resolution gives you a fantastic viewing experience from any angle. A 100x100mm VESA mounting system allows you to have this fantastically styled frame mounted anywhere in your home and can be matched with our floor stand system allowing you to use this frame in a wide range of environments such as lobbies, receptions, showrooms and much more.

21.5" Digital Photo Frame

Our 21.5” HD Memory View Digital Picture Frame is the perfect solution for many advertising and digital point of sale solutions. A widescreen 16:9 screen ratio and 1920x1080 screen resolution capable of playing true HD and 1080p video files gives you the best possible way to display your point of sale material. Designed with Digital Advertising in mind you will not find a more suitable screen for successfully promoting your business, services and products. This digital photo frame is wall mountable and can be used on our floor stand systems and has been used by many large companies to aid their promotions such as Garmin, Crowne Plaza Docklands London Hotel and many more.

The Digital Frames Comparision Chart

Use the table below to compare all of our different frames to find the frame that is perfect for you!

Product Name
7inch Super Clear


7inch Lumina Photo


7inch Lumina


7inch Slimline Photo


7inch Slimline



8inch Slimline



10.4inch Memory View



12inch Super Clear


12inch Slimline


15inch Slimline


15inch Black, Cherry, Light


15inch Light/Dark Veneer


15inch Memory View


15inch Memory View Plus



Screen Resolution Built-in Memory Video Functionality Audio Functionality Remote Controlled USB Port Computer Compatible Random Photo Option Auto On/Off Feature Slideshows with Music Picture Rotation Alarm & Calander
480x234 128mb
800x600 256mb
640x480 256mb
1024x768 512mb
1024x768 1gb
1024x768 512mb
1024x768 1gb
1024x768 512mb