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Why We Love Digital Photo Frames

You may have gathered by now that we are enthusiastic (perhaps obsessive) about digital photo frames. When we first thought about digital photo frames we just wondered why we hadn’t thought of them before.


When digital photography first started we loved the freedom from having to buy and develop films. We loved the ability to take as many pictures as we wanted and keep only the best. We loved editing the pictures to get just the image we wanted. However these images never left the camera or stayed on our hard drives. Digital Photo Frames allow us to display these images within our living and working space. You have to wonder why they were not invented before!


One story illustrates why we think they are fantastic. One of our Directors became a happy father in 2005 and made his parents grandparents for the first time. At Christmas he gave them 2 parcels. The first that they opened contained a memory card (loaded with pictures of their 1st grandchild) – they were mystified. The second contained a digital picture frame. When he fitted the memory card into the frame and the pictures of their grandchild started to appear they were mesmerized. Now whenever he goes to see them he takes a memory card loaded with the latest pictures of their grandchild and updates the frame which has pride of place on their sideboard.


Digital Photo Frames are not complicated computer gadgets. Digital Photo Frames are simple pieces of household electronics that will become part of our household language and exist in every home. Digital Frames Direct are committed to manufacturing and supplying the best product available at the most competitive prices.