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Photo Frames & Picture Frames

Digital Frames Direct have their own range of Living Images photo frames to compliment their digital photo frame range. These traditional photo frames and picture frames are all made to the highest specification and we believe that we have a range of frames to suit all budgets and tastes. Our minimum order value is £7.95 and this is the lowest of all the online retailers in the UK and will allow people to buy exactly what they want and not have to buy a whole box or carton of photo frames. We are also one of the leading suppliers of Trade & Wholesale Picture Frames and Photo Frames in the UK and to get a quotation please call us on 0117 330 2277 or click here for a Quotation for Trade & Wholesale Photo Frames.

Our Range of picture frames and photo frames comprises many different sizes, colours and styles so we are bound to have the perfect photo frame for you, if you wanted a top quality oak picture frame or a cheap photo frame:

Budget Photo Frames

Features 1/2" photo frame surrounds and are all made in the UK with float glass (not cheep sheet glass) with mounts conservation quality whitecore mounts. The Budget Range of photo frames comes in Silver, Black, Gold, Black stipe Gold and Pine. All of the surrounds for these photo frames is made of real wood apart from the Silver which is a man made compound.These photo frames are very good value and extremely good quality for the money. Our Gloucestershire factory manufacturers these photo frames to extremely high standards and our quality control is second to none. The Budget range may be cheap photo frames but we have not compromised on quality.

Standard Photo Frames

Features 1" picture frame surrounds and also made in our Gloucestershire factory. We only use Float Glass and our mounts are all conservation quality whitecore mounts. The Standard range of photo frames is available in Black, Brown Pine Silver, Gold and Natural wood. The quality of these frames is excellent and the extra 1/2" size compared to the Budget Photo Frame range is very obvious. We only use float glass and our mounts are all conservation quality whitecore.

Deluxe Photo Frames

This range is another step up in quality with the wood being even higher quality and even thicker. These picture frames are again made by our crafsmen in our Gloucestershire factory using float glass and with conservation quality whitecore mounts. The profiles of the Deluxe Photo Frame range are extremely attractive and when compared to the Standard Photo Frame range it is obvious that there is another step up in quality and finish.

Premier Photo Frames

Feature the best possible wood with the highest quality finish. The Premier range are all hand made by our craftsmen in our Gloucestershire factory. With all our Premier range of picture frames the quality is outstanding and, obviously, we continue to use float glass with conservation quality whitecore mounts.

Multi Picture Photo Frames

Feature strongly in our range and make perfect presents for all occassions. The skills required to manufacture these Multi Picture Photo Frames is exactly matched by our team of craftsmen at our Gloucestershire factory where we use the higher quality, float glass, and our conservation whitecore mounts.

Clip Photo Frames by Living Images

A high quality styrene safety glass and come ready to mount on the wall. Our Clip Photo Frames are manufactured at our factory in Eastern Europe to the highest specification and are guaranteed to be the best value and the best quality. Certificate Photo Frames by Living Images have sheet glass for maximum clarity and value for money and our Certificate Frames all have mounts to the rear so that they can be free standing or wall mounted. Aluminium Photo Frames by Living Images are all made of high quality aluminium with a quality finish that stands them out from our competition. The glass is sheet glass and the frames are all superbly packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Frame Sizes:

Our photo frames and picture frames come in the following sizes but because we own our own factory we can manufacture photo frames to any size. If you are interested in our custom photo frames please call us on 0117 330 2277 to get quotation. 20 x 16 photo frames 16 x 12 picture frames 14 x 11 photo frames, 12 x 10 picture frames, A4 photo frames, 10 x 8 photo frames, 8 x 6 picture frames, 7 x 5 photo frames, 6 x 4 photo frames.