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8 inch TFT LCD Monitor - VGA & Composite [ESAW80M]

Product Code: ESAW80M
  • Multiple Device Connectivity
  • Widescreen Display
  • True Natural Colour Quality
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£169.96 £220.00
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8 inch TFT LCD Monitor - VGA & Composite [ESAW80M]
£169.96 £220.00
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  • Multiple Device Connectivity - You are able to connect multiple devices up to the monitor all at the same time. The way this is possible is the monitor has 3 AV Channels to choose from. What this means is you can connect up a device via a VGA connector then connect 2 more devices up via composite connectors, giving you a multi purpose monitor. 
    For example you can connect up a Computer via the VGA connector, DVD Player through 1 of the composite connectors and a games console via the other composite connector and then flick through each AV channel to choose which one you wish to have displayed at that time.
  • Widescreen Display - This monitor has been equipped with the latest style 16:9 widescreen display along with having the ability to change its viewing preference to 4:3 if need be.
  • True Natural Colour Quality - The super high quality LCD widescreen makes sure any application is displayed in a stunningly crisp clear quality - the LCD screen has over 1,152,000 pixels and a high brightness level of 400cd/m2 to guarantee this to happen
  • Eye Strain Protection Technology - This is a revolutionary piece of technology that automatically helps to prevent eye strain when using the monitor. The way this works is whenever the unit is situated in a dark environment (IE night time) the unit identifies this and adjusts the screens brightness automatically to take away the glare which is the reason why eye strain occurs which then leads to headaches.
  • 3 Step Set Up Process - Set up is a simple 3 step process. Connect our All-in-One Cable to the monitor, then connect the power to the monitor and lastly connect your device(s) to the monitor. Its that simple, you will be up and running in minutes.
  • Compatible With Computers - You are able to connect a PC or MAC up to this monitor by using the VGA connector
  • Resolution Supported - When using this monitor with a computer the resolutions the monitor supports is between 640 x 480 to our brand new supported resolution of 1920 x 1200.
  • Compatible With Any Composite Device - You can connect any type of composite device up to this monitor by using the Composite connectors on the all-in-one cable. For example you can connect up devices such as a DVD Player, CCTV Camera, Games Console, Video camera etc etc...
  • Light Weight Rugged Outer Casing - The outer casing of this monitor has been produced with a light weight material which has a matt finish along with a rubber coating which increases the units protection therefore making it more robust and solid.
  • *NEW* Wall Mountable - On the back of the unit are 4 VESA holes which measure 75mm x 75mm overall to enable you to mount the moniotor on to a wall.
  • Speaker - The unit has a built-in speaker which can be heard from as far as 20ft away. Simply connect the composite audio connectors (red & white connectors) from the all-in-one cable to your device to enable the sound to work.
  • Vehicle Camera Usage (Video 3) - There is a third composite connector attached to the all-in-one cable which allows you to connect up the monitor to a reversing camera used for vehicles. The way this works is the monitor will detect when the camera is in use and automatically switch to that AV channel to display the camera. As it is for a vehicle reversing camera the monitor will automatically flip the image to make left be left and right be right when reversing.
  • Stand - A metal stand is supplied which screws on the back of the monitor to enable you to use it for desktop purposes. With the stand comes an adhesive sticker to allow you to secure it to a surface if need be.
  • Flush Mountable - With the Shroud casing provided with this monitor you are able to flush mount the unit into a wall, car dashboard, headrest or into any type of equipment which has enough space to flush mount the monitor
  • Remote Control - The unit comes with a fully functional remote control to allow you to take complete control of all monitor settings quickly and from a distance.
  • Low Power Consumption - The unit is 12V 1.25amps to make the power consumption as low as possible.
  • Power Adapters - There are 2 power adapters with this unit. It comes with a UK Mains power supply to enable you to connect straight up to the mains (like a normal monitor) as well as a car cigarette adapter to allow you to connect up directly into a vehicle without any customisation need doing.

Along with the high quality LCD screen, the overall monitor package has taken over 2 years to develop to meet its goal of being the ultimate and most user friendly monitor available today - and we are pleased to say it has... We know our monitors are not the cheapest in the market but they more than make up for it when you take into account the high build quality, the crisp and clear display as well as how much longer they will last compared to any other small monitor available.


Product Attachments:

8 inch TFT LCD Monitor

Technical Specifications
screen category 8"
Screen Ratio 16:9
Resolution 640x480
Screen Size (inches) 8
Brightness 500cd / m2
High Brightness Yes
Touch Screen No
Built-in Speakers No
Anti-Strain Dimming No
Flush Mounting Shroud No
Stand Included No
Car Adapter Included No
Connectors RCA, VGA

1 Customer Reviews

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    So impressed with the incredible quality of this monitor! The price is so reasonable for such a remarkable product. Will recommend.